Saturday, March 1, 2008


It was 43 degrees at dawn this morning, which can only mean one thing... I must ride. But I have meetings, both business and esoteric, I have to babysit Skate School for a time, I have to check in on the progress of the shop, I have seven geocaches to find... what's a boy to do? Oh yeah, ride! The clients will get over the garb (or not), and everyone else has seen me dressed for the dirt before, so there. And yes, Pi, that means I'm riding the geared mtb today. Get over it.

First order of business: Go to this link and sign the petition to ask GoogleMaps to include bike routes.
Second order of business: The project goes on the stand next weekend. That's right, kiddies, in a perfect world, La Gazza Ladra will be rolling in a week. The parts are (I believe) all accounted for. I would do it this weekend, but the boys still want me to do it at the shop, and today is "transition" day for them. Plus, with all the stuff I have to do I would only frustrate myself by getting it partially assembled. So next Saturday it is.

Alright, kids, get off your collective butss and go do something; I have a wedding ceremony to write, and a world of subversive fun to experience. Not to mention several laws to break.

66 days without a cigarette, and the caffeine level has been quartered. It's a good thing I still have other vices.

edit - The link is active now... sorry

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Luwen said...

my fixie will smite you with the beauty of the single crank