Saturday, March 22, 2008


The first test ride of La Gazza Ladra finally happened today, and it was good. A few more touches, some last-minute bits, and she will be ready for pub crawls, alleycats, and tourist slalom. The weather is beginning to cooperate, my health is returning, and my jones is coming on strong.
Mellow Velo's new space is already rocking; service requests have tripled, rentals are flowing, sales are happening. Having direct-access parking really helps. People can swoop in, either in their cars or on their bikes, and there are usually three stands going, with a wrench available for each (unless I'm playing on one). Art has already settled in, and people have heard he is there. It's a little community now; socializing as much as actual retail work. It's a good mix.
And speaking of the boys of MV, they have generously donated my time to a number of publications. They, of course, did not bother discussing this with me first. They merely told the editors they "knew someone," and after said editors agreed, then they informed me. I love those guys; I think I'll beat them both with a pedal wrench.

Happy Easter! Go make like bunnies!

87 days!

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