Thursday, January 10, 2008

Project Death

It is interesting how a slight shift in one's life, or thought processes, can alter the course of your momentum. A few days ago I couldn't wait to continue hammering out the latest project, and even though the frame has arrived, I really don't care anymore. My motivation has been sucked dry. Parts lie in random locations, collecting dust. A wheel with little or no tension hangs in the stand, looking nearly as forlorn as it should.
Presently, I would rather curl up with a book than write one, rather watch a video than star in one, rather drink single-malt at the bike shop than actually build a bike.
It is curable; I know this. Time is the prescription, though a healthy dose of warmth wouldn't hurt.

And I'm still not smoking! Fifteen days!


Luwen said...


perhaps time....and perhaps lots of brunch and snow, and no matter, so long as you're rollin'.

very nice 'billboard' picture

Walker said...

That's part of the problem, my Pi; no brunch, no snow, no Pi.

Icon O. Classt said...

Nice, stick to that shit, man! (The steady diet of cold turkey, I mean.)