Sunday, November 4, 2007

Words of Appreciation

Friday night I put on the Noché dé los Muertos Alleycat Esoteric Scavenger Hunt & Poker Run. The event was as convoluted as the title, but 18 people showed up to have fun in one way or another. Thanks go to each one of them for wanting to play, and special thanks to Missy, Gunnar, Daniel, and Ben, who gave up the choice to ride and instead ran the checkpoints for me. And Jack, who came to run a checkpoint to begin with. Couldn't have had a race without them.
Gerhardt came in first, but only had a Pair of 10's to play, giving him a modified time of 7:58. David Price (of Timeship Racing downhill skateboard fame) came in much later, but had the best hand (a Jack-high Straight), giving him a modified time of 7:07.
The big upset was Gerhart from Burque beating local icon Bike-Mike. At least in Mike's eyes.
Other props go out to Chris Hilson for his endless skids, RJ for riding 60 miles to get there, and of course to mellow VELO for supplying the prizes, as well as copious amounts of advise, support, and espresso.
Hopefully others will follow suit, and come up with new ways to be silly on bicycles. I enjoy organizing the occasional race, but sometimes I want to play, too.

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Anonymous said...


you are to be thanked, commended, appreciated, glorified, and deified if I don't say so myself. Thanks for keeping night time bike fun on the Santa Fe map.

db @ Mellowvelo