Wednesday, June 4, 2008


A typical afternoon at Mellow Velo; drinking IPA, visits from dirt-jumping fools and a former World Champion, broken bikes to be fixed, fixed bikes to be broken, an '80s Univega in mint condition to be assembled...
Yeah, I'm occasionally jonesing for the full-time gig. But not that much.
For the Wester Ross fans, I'll be riding 035 in on Saturday to get it pimped for commuting. Chatter around the shop says a number of old-schooler's are going to stop in to see it. It's not every day a 30-year old British touring bike roll in to the shop. Hopefully the boys will have a camera going.
Now if Pi would surface and let me know what country she's in...

And no, I still haven't had a cigarette.


~l said...

whew, finally got past the ever so lovely firewall of free media in this great country.

heh, i find it amusing that your blog is censored.

tra la la, can't wait to wrench with you down at mellow. your blog's still going strong!

Andrew said...


I work with the online community team for Travel Channel, and noticed while reading your blog that you live in Santa Fe. Samantha Brown actually visits your area (including a stop at Mellow Velo) in the episode of Passports to Great Weekends airing tomorrow night at 10pm ET. I thought you might be interested in catching the show.

Let me know if you would like more information about Sam Brown or this specific Santa Fe episode!

Wendy Ricci
On behalf of Travel Channel